Adirondacks 1/19

Discussion in 'Partners' started by Carter, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Carter

    Carter New Member

    Looking for a partner in the Adirondacks for Sunday 1/19. I know it will be crowded and ice just coming in so I am happy to go a little off the beaten path, or start very early. I am returning from being away for 2 years so I am still reorienting to the area and climbing. Strong second on WI3+ but not back to leading this weekend.
  2. Brian Rowe

    Brian Rowe New Member

    @Carter , I'm going to avoid the Dacks this weekend, but if you are interested another time, give me a shout. I barely climbed last two years, so this year it's a priority for me to get as many climbs as I can. Last weekend I led two WI4- in Chapel Pond Canyons, though given soft conditions probably closer to 3+. Brian

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