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Disclaimer: Participation in ice climbing involves significant risk of personal injury and death. No amount of skill, equipment and experience can make ice climbing safe. is not responsible for the content of this site. The information is provided by the viewers and is not verified. Seek qualified professional instruction, guidance and use your best judgement.

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dsc_4757 smugsicebash2012-122 UP at BRG5 A Wet Crux court-3 p1010286 4289331682_5270d4065b Northwest-Basin Doug-on-the-Plateau
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About was built and is maintained by the ice climbing community under the direction of Doug Millen.  NEice was Established in 1999 and is the #1 site for ice climbing in New England and the entire Northeast. North East Ice is a direct pipeline to the Northeast ice climbing community. Our viewers define enthusiasm and they visit many times each week for the latest in conditions, photos, news, and information. More than 120 other climbing and mountaineering web sites link to us, and we are considered the #1 place to go for information on ice climbing in the Northeast. NEice ranks consistently in  the top 10 on Google when you search “ice climbing”. We rank #1 when you search for ice climbing in New England or the Northeast.

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  • Doug Millen, Alfonzo, Pcooke, Leaf, Rockytop, Gidget, Smike and all the Regular Active Posters.

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