Let it Snow!


This winter has been a bust for snow in New England, but have a look at some of these photos!

Note: An email with these photos has been traveling around the web titled “Winter in Russia” but “Surfer Bill” has informed us that many of the photos arn’t, but they are fun anyway. We have made the corrections to our post. Let it Snow! is a better title….thanks Bill – See his remarks below.




  Photos submitted by Tim Creamer fowarded from George Walsh


  1. Nice pics of lots of snow? Yes.

    From Russia? Not many of them are, nor are they from this winter.

    This email has been making the rounds, but the images are from all over the place.
    The first one is a bird house in Switzerland, not a house in Russia.
    The telephone photo is from North Dakota in 1966.
    The car on the road cut from the snow is probably from the trans Labrador highway…

    Great images, but the description is totally inaccurate.


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