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The Black Dike – Cannon Cliff, Franconia Notch NH

November 3, 2010
Michael Wejchert leading pitch 3 of the "Black Dike" - Photo by Ryan Stefiuk
Michael Wejchert leading pitch 3 of the “Black Dike” – Photo by Ryan Stefiuk

It looks like the 2010-2011 ice season is right on schedule!

“Great conditions were found on the right exit today. Plenty of ice up there. The sun was cooking Fafnir and Quartet, which both have some ice on them.” – Ryan StefiukĀ  – Big Foot Mountain Guides

The Black Dike (WI 4-5), Franconia notch NH is usually the first high quality ice climb to come in and it usually happens this first week of November. We are off to a great start…lets hope it continues!

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-Doug Millen



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