Paradox Ice

These are our one-of-a-kind World Class adaptive ice climbing clinics in Ouray, CO and North Conway, NH. We provide all ability levels of instruction to all types of mobility limitations. This is one of the best and most fun Ice Climbing events of the year! Join us as we face the walls of vertical ice, learning about the specialized equipment and techniques needed climb vertical waterfalls. Men and women who are missing limbs or eyes or the use of their legs will gather to challenge themselves physically and mentally and, especially to challenge the common perception that an amputee is handicapped or that a blind person must, by default, lead a second-rate life. Malcolm Daly, one of the Founders and an amputee, puts it succinctly: “Ice is the great equalizer. None of us can climb it without adaptive equipment. We just go one step further.”


With temperatures reaching into the mid-80s last week, it seems that winter is finally over.  Tools, boots, and screws are being replaced by chalk, shoes, and rock gear all over the Northeast.  Some of the more stubborn among us...

New route – SF Mt. Wake, AK

After some discussion we decided to attempt an unclimbed line on the south face of Mt Wake. On October 22 we crossed the schrund at 9 am.........

Behind the Tights: Andrea Charest

I’ve had a somewhat ambiguous relationship with Mammut since about 2007 when JP Hong hooked me up with my first pair of Softech pants. I’m fortunate to work just a few miles from the Mammut USA Headquarters in Shelburne, Vermont, and it has been a pleasure to get to know so many of the folks there—they work very hard! Through the years, I was the local female climber, guide, gym manager, they were the attractive Swiss brand down the road...

Will Mayo Puts Up M14 at Vail

"This is definitely the hardest sport mixed climb in the United States," Mayo said. "Nothing else even comes close."

An Ice Climbers Guide to the Catskill Mountains – 3rd edition

Ok, it's been longer than expected but I am now holding a hard copy proof of the third edition to An Ice Climbers Guide to the Catskill Mountains in my hand! If everything goes as planned, it will be on shelves before the holidays. It's 248 pages now includes 8 new areas, color aerial photos, topo maps, and an additional 200+ routes. ~ Marty

REEL ROCK 7 Coming to the Adirondacks!

REEL ROCK 7 is Coming to the Adirondacks!

Waterfall Ice Study

Intuitively we might think that very low temperatures are favorable for creating good waterfall ice conditions. Is it this simple? How do we make the connection between climbers' observations and a scientific experiment? A study led by the Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l’Environnement de Grenoble, supported by the Petzl Foundation, is providing part of the answer.

Diary of an NEice Junkie…

How much time do you spend on NEice?  Are you an addict?  Do you come home from a day of climbing and immediately check to see what else people were doing?  Do you have a regular schedule?  Or do...

NEice Ambassador Bayard Russell has a new partner!

CATHEDRAL MOUNTAIN GUIDES is a New Hampshire-based guide service founded in 2008 by American Mountain Guide Association certified guide Bayard Russell, Jr. and now run in partnership with local guide, accomplished alpinist and Piolet d’Or Recipient, Freddie Wilkinson. Cathedral Mountain Guides seeks to provide safe, high-quality private technical climbing experiences in the White Mountains and Northeast region. The safety and wellbeing of both clients and guides is our first priority, every day we operate.