Cilley-Barber, Mt Katahdin Maine 12/18/11

The Cilley-Barber (IV 4) is "IN!" Max Neale just returned from a trip to Katahdin. Here are some photos Max took during his climb, Zebediah Engberg climbing. Photos by Max Neale  

Harvard Cabin Report 3-17-16

March 17, 2016 Harvard Cabin Mountaineers, Happy St. Paddy's Day! In celebration, The white mountains have been turned green! But, don't worry, there is still plenty of skiing and climbing to be had before we let all the ice fall down....

Pinnacle – 10-25-16

And here we go! "Thin ice, delicate climbing, and the nastiest spin drift I've ever experienced made for a decent October solo of Pinnacle. Have at it folks. Just bring some fancy footwork." - Zac St. Jules Source: Facebook,  Instagram
Mike Pelchat on the wet and thin Black Dike Traverse. 2-23-17

Unprecedented February in The Northeast

Where are we and what's next? Remind me? What month was that? February or April? The month started off great! Plenty of snow and ice to climb. But, right after some epic snowfalls and great skiing, things went south. It started to...

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Merry Christmas to All This has been the best start to an Ice Climbing Season in recent memory. Seems like most climbers have been "nice" this year. Thank you Santa! Ice Revolution Ice Revolution from Granite Films ~ Jim Surette on Vimeo. "My main...

La Loutre & La Pomme d'Or 3/5/11

  Malbaie, Quebec - La Loutre & La Pomme d'Or are still in great condition as of March 5th, 2011. -Seb

Renormalized at “The Lake”

Ah! The conditions are getting better and I am back to my normal state, once again, at "The Lake".   Below are a few condition photos from our trip to Lake Willoughby VT on Saturday December 13, 2014. Plenty of challenging...

Chronicles of the Overly Motivated

By Courtney Ley I've been inflicted by a disease.  It leaves my muscles constantly sore, my body screaming for sleep and my family and friends worried about my mental stability.   I become antsy and unable to sit idle for too...

Conditions 12-15-16

Winter is HERE! Big Time. A few photos that caught my eye this week.   Source: Facebook Doug Millen