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The Black Dike 10-26-16

The Dike – She GO! 10-26-16

The Black Dike Cannon Cliff, Franconia State Park NH October 26, 2016 Peter Doucette and Keith Sidle found just enough winter on Cannon cliff today to climb "The Black Dike". They found thin, wet and bonded ice with just enough gear to get...
Ice Climbers Guide to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Ice Guide – 2nd Edition

Available online for Free! Roger Fage has refined and updated his Nova Scotia Ice Climbing Guide and has generously put it online for free! You can download it here in PDF form. This guide will help you find the more than 200 routes...

The Season in Review – 2015-2016

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A Solo Winter

Winter came late, and not the best of winters, but I had a ton of fun flying my new drone. Here are some of my best video clips that I shot last fall/winter with my new Drone, "Solo!"
Lake Lake Willoughby VT

Solo at “The Lake”

UP! Solo climbs the Last Gentleman, Promenade and China Shop on a sunny day in January. "The Lake" always delivers. A birds eye view of "The Lake" and The Last Gentleman amphitheater, like you have never seen before! - View Full Screen...

By Tooth and Claw

A new climb in the remote Panther Gorge, Adirondacks NY by Kevin MacKenzie By Tooth and Claw (WI4) Panther Gorge, Adirondacks NY Date: January 30, 2016 Climbers: Kevin MacKenzie, Bill Schneider & Devin Farkas Duration/Mileage/Elevation Gain: 15.75 hours /18+ miles /5,300 feet Approach: 8.5 miles from the Garden Trailhead, Keene...

Flying High at the 23rd Annual MWV Ice Fest 2016

Photos by Solo, Guided by Doug Millen More photos and information on this event can be found here...https://www.facebook.com/mwvIceFest/

Last Call

"Last Call" FA: Peter Doucette & Travis Weil Jan 22, 2016 WI6, M6+, 30m Peter Doucette and Travis Weil did a what they believe is a new route on the South Face of Frankenstein Cliff, Crawford Notch NH. It is to the right of Bayard's and Josh Hurst’s line...

Flying High over the 20th ADK Mountainfest

Solo had a great time at the 20th ADK Mountainfest and captured some spectacular images. His first trip to the Adirondacks and he can't wait to return. Many thanks to The Mountaineer and Rock and River for all the hospitality. Also see a Photo Recap of the...
AMGA Steep Ice Tips YouTube

AMGA – Steep Ice Tips

Local AMGA guide Peter Douctte from Mountain Sense Guides offers great tips on how to climb Steep Ice. Peter has ticked off many new tricky ice and mixed climbs in the Northeast over his career. He has a good sense of where and when...