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Agawa Canyon Ice Festival – 14th Annual

14th Annual Agawa Ice Festival

Join the gang from March 8th to March 11th 2012 at Mile 112 in Agawa Canyon

This is an unique festival as it is without sponsors, slideshows, pubs or hot tubs. We all get off the train at the site of our …winter basecamp and emergency climbers shelter. As the camp is only 100 feet from the tracks climbers bring a huge amount of gear. The allowance is 100 pounds per person. Some bring propane heaters and canvas tents. We bring along a gas generator, lights and a satellite phone

Evenings are spent around a bonfire discussing the canyon and sharing experiences in ice climbing across North America.

Train drops us off on Thursday at 1:20 and picks us up on Sunday around 2:00 pm. The area has plenty of climbs for all abilities. A 2007 guidemap to Agawa Canyon is available through

Seach for information on climbing in Agawa Canyon.
Everyone is welcome to attend, email or call if you have specific questions.

Train fares are> $138.00 round trip from Sault Ste. Marie or $53.00 round trip from Frater Station. There is logging taking place to the east of the canyon so the road to Frater will likely be open in March. The forestry company expects to be logging just to the east of Far Off Falls by mid March.

Guiding and gear rental is available as well.
contact us for more information

-Shaun Parent

North of Superior Climbing Company
Shaun Parent
P.O. Box 85 Batchawana Bay, Ontario
P0S-1A0 705-946-6054

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